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The TV became alive!!!!!!
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Publish-date-icon November 7, 2007
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It was a dark night, with a lot of dark clouds, but it didn’t rain. I was with my family in the living room, watching the TV and suddenly a lightning fell off and touched the TV aerial. Sheet! The TV broke up! We’d have to choose a different way of amusement.

We decided to play cards. We were playing bridge, and I was wining when an other lightning fell off and touched the aerial too, but this time, it repaired itself, and the image returned.

We where talking about finishing the game when the TV fell of the little table and started to jump very high. It started to run and it hided behind the sofa. I and my little brother caught the TV. It started to do loud noises, but we caught it more. Then, a big mouth with sharpened teeth appeared on the monitor. It started trying to bite us so we loosened the TV. It ran away.

It went upstairs where the desk is placed. It started to crush all the papers on the table. It destroyed too my English homework, so, I had to remake it the next day. It destroyed a dictionary and the book that my mother was reading. Luckily, the library had got doors and they weren’t broken. It went to the stair and it went downstairs. It moved for all the flat, it went to the kitchen, to the rooms. It broke the sheets, the wardrobe... And it went to the window. It jumped and it broken up. The next day the electric employee took it to the factory and they repaired it.

So, I give you a piece of advice, if there is a storm, turn off the TV!

Quim Portet

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